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Environment, Products and Services

We Are Protecting the Environment

By accepting and recycling used petroleum and related materials we are protecting the environment...

Advancing Energy Independence / Reducing Risk and Improving the Bottom Line

By delivering quality re-refined oil produced from used oil, we're advancing oil and energy independence. The UK is a net importer of Base Oils and thus the Whelan production will reduce the nation's need to import increasingly expensive oil products.



Whelan Refining Ltd produces a high quality Group I Base Oil for sale to the lubricant manufacturing and other industries.
The Base Oils produced are suitable for a range of end applications from Process Oils to Engine Oils.

Specifications of all products can be obtained from the Company by application.


Whelan Refining does not collect waste oils but have close association with the best collector companies nationally and can provide advice on how best to maximise the value your waste oil.

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